Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Janine Anne Uyanga is an emerging trans nonbinary Nigerian-Filipinx American writer and director based in Los Angeles, CA. 

With a background in acting and theatre, Janine is a passionate filmmaker, determined to make art that doesn’t solely capture the world as it is, but revolutionizes what the world could be. 

As a director, they explore adversity through creativity, allowing for new possibilities beyond hardship. 

Janine’s first short film, Hey Danny, centers on the prevalence of sexual assault among adolescents. As a means of processing their own sexual assault, Janine imagined a universe in which things had gone differently; a world where people confront abusers. Justice Delayed deals with the personal impact of racial profiling in the black community and taking matters into your own hands. In 2021, Janine created and directed a Black History Month mini-series, Picture Day, for client L.O.L. Surprise's YouTube channel. The first ever narrative series engaged with young Black girls tackling mom & daughter hair conversations. 

Their main concern as a filmmaker is creating an inclusive environment and space in this industry for the BIPOC & LGBTQ community along with showcasing our neglected stories. 

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